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What is a Capstone Intensive (CI) retreat?

This retreat is designed to help students make progress in writing their capstone proposals, no matter the program.  During these days, students do the following:

  • Meet with a faculty member for research feedback.
  • Meet with a Writing Center faculty member for writing feedback.
  • Network with colleagues at the same stage of the writing process and develop ongoing writing support groups. 

Who can benefit from a CI retreat?

Any student who

  • Has an approved capstone chairperson on file at the university,
  • Has a prospectus on file at the University, and
  • Is enrolled in at least one term in the degree program’s dissertation, project study, or doctoral study course may register for the retreat.  

Where and when are CI retreats held?

  • Retreats are held every other month in various locations around the United States. 

Why should students attend a CI retreat?

Writing a capstone study can be a difficult and lonely experience, compounded by the obligations of everyday life.

  • The retreat is designed to be a getaway from those obligations.
  • Students are provided with an environment that encourages writing. Students stay at the retreat hotel and spend every day—and evenings—drafting, receiving on-site faculty feedback, revising, and editing.
  • Students who have attended previous retreats have made notable progress in their writing and thinking and have appreciated the opportunities, provided through the CI retreat, for one-on-one guidance and support.
  • Students are given ample guidance and support from faculty (I:7 faculty to student ratio) 

How can students register for a CI retreat?

Students are encouraged to e-mail their academic advising team to request information about registration. 

How much does the CI retreat cost?

CI retreat fees are in addition to tuition fees for your program and do not include travel expenses. View more information about costs and funding. 

PhD capstone intensives can be used to satisfy the residency 4 requirement. DBA and EdD capstone intensive retreats are not residencies and will not count towards any of your DBA or EdD residency requirement(s). CI retreat fees are separate from program tuition in all programs, but include lodging, breakfast and lunch each fully meeting day.